Hackworks has the expertise to create world class hackathon events tailored specifically to your unique needs. Leave it to us, we can handle everything from the hackathon conception phase, into the planning phase, right through to the execution phase and we will be there to ensure success every step of the way. Below is our hackathon planning process.

  • Define your Hackathon Event


    Develop a hackathon plan that is unique and meets your strategic objectives.


    On a budget? No worries, let us know your budget and we’ll plan the perfect hackathon for you.

    Rules & Regulations

    Make sure your hackathon meets all the registration and legal requirements and keeps you on the right side of the law.

  • Find your Target Innovators


    We’ll identify and find the right participants for your hackathon: Movers, shakers, thinkers and makers.


    We’ll find the key influencers in the industries relevant to your hackathon and equip them with the information and tools needed to help recruit participants and raise overall awareness of the event.


    We’ll find and recruit sponsors interested in being part of your hackathon.

  • Recruit and Engage Participants


    We handle all hacker recruitment to ensure your event has a range of diverse, talented and motivated participants.


    Your hackers will be up-to-date on all event details through updates on the website, email and social media channels.


    We’ll build a strong community of developers, designers and idea generators around your initiative that will last beyond the hackathon.

    Social Media

    We will create, develop and manage the social media platforms for your hackathons including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.


    Targeted advertising on social media will allow us to find, engage and recruit your target participants and raise brand awareness of your event.

  • Prep the Hackers

    Leading up to the event we will provide participants with tools, tips and valuable development resources to help them start the hackathon on the right foot.

    Whether it is a quick list of online resources or a multi-week webinar training series, we will ensure your participants are ready for the big event.

  • Execute your Hackathon

    Event Staffing

    Fully staff your hackathon event with fun, enthusiastic personnel that will engage with and help the participants.

    Venue Management

    We’ll create a fun, engaging environment and provide a rewarding and memorable experience for participants.

    Digital Event Management

    Manage your event online during the hackathon including website updates and social media updates.

    Event Services

    We have a range of event partners ( AV, catering, rentals etc.) that we can bring in to handle any of your event's unique needs.

  • Establish Submission Process & Judging Criteria

    Submission Process

    Our online submission process easily and securely captures online submissions, meaning your participants can be on-site or around the world.


    Our experienced team will build and test all participant submissions.

    Judging Criteria

    We will establish the judging criteria and process that that fits your hackathon and ensure the best apps come out on top.

    Judge Recruitment

    Whether its celebrity judges, or industry experts, we will research and recruit a judging panel that fits your event.

  • After the Hack

    Review Process

    Build, review and rate all the submissions and provide an overview of all the best apps submitted.

    Investment Opportunities

    Help facilitate investment and funding for the projects that come out of the hackathon and connect participants with the funds they need to turn an idea into a business.

    Professional Recruitment

    Create recruitment opportunities by connecting passionate participants looking for their next career opportunity with organizations looking for talented developers.

    Post-hack Report

    Provide custom reporting on the hackathon results including social audits and attendee surveys.


Across our wide range of services we provide a high-level of creative and technical expertise and ensure the right messages get to the right people.

  • Creative Services

    Brand Development

    Establish a clear, consistent identity for your hackathon that supports your business objectives.

    Experiential Event Design

    Hackathons can be intense. Our event designs ensure participants get the right amount of down time when they need it, and bursts of high-energy fun when they need a push towards the finish line.Our participants have a great time whether they win or not.

    Video Production

    High quality video production during your event provides shareable visual marketing material and allows your event to live on long after the hackathon is complete.

    Web Design

    We will design a website that matches your hackathon and is the go-to place for all event and participant information.

    Print Design

    We will design attractive stand up banners, posters and signage that can be put up around your hackathon to enhance branding and promote the sponsors.


    Visualize the results and data from your hackathon into an attractive and shareable infographic that can be quickly consumed and easily understood and will also leave a lasting visual impression.

  • Technical Services

    Custom Website Development

    We can create a branded hub for your hackathon using our ready-made web modules, or we can create a space unique to your event from the ground up. Our registration, team building and matchmaking modules as well as our judging portal and analytics backend are all easily deployed in one or more languages for your hackathon.

    Submission Tool - Technical Submission System

    Our online submission tool allows us to easily capture participants’ projects for evaluation after the hackathon. Online submission also allows us to facilitate national and international events with participants anywhere with an internet connection.

    Technical Evaluation of Submissions

    Our team has the technical know-how and experience to build, test and review participants hackathon submissions.

  • Communications & Content Strategy

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing will be used for participant recruitment, brand awareness, communicating important competition information and to build email lists.

    Publicity & Media Relations

    We will work with the media to gain coverage and exposure for your brand and hackathon.


    High quality copywriting for blog pieces, website content, social media posts, press releases and emails.

    Reputation Management

    Ensure that a positive relationship is formed between organizers and participants to create a reputation of trust and quality.

    Content Marketing

    By creating and distributing valuable content to your community we will keep them updated, interested and engaged in you hackathon. Custom content creation options include images, graphics, how-to videos, promotional videos, infographics, social media posts, blogs, webinars, press releases and more.

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