Housing Hack



Housing Hack operates differently than your traditional hackathon. At Housing Hack, submissions will be accepted in two categories: Applications and Insights.

Applications are interactive software applications that can be created from insights to address the problem directly. These can range from mobile applications, web applications, websites, PC applications or Mac applications. Applications require a set of technical skills needed to build the systems of the solutions.

Insights are trends or information that has the potential to drive future action. An insight can expose a certain way of looking at the problem, identify core issues or reveal new information that is vital to the outcome of a solution. Insights require a set of skills that can extract and portray data as a result of strategic thinking.


When you think ‘science fair’, what comes to mind? Do you imagine a giant open-concept room with tables lined up in rows? What about impressive presentation boards and projects being showcased by students? Housing Hack will be reminiscent of your high school science fair, whereby participants will showcase the solutions they created during the hackathon!

At the Expo, participants will pitch their submissions to fellow participants, judges and members of the public. This is an awesome opportunity for participants to showcase their abilities and network with the community. Guests are also free to roam around, browse and interact with the many solutions made at Housing Hack.

Committee Judges will spend time with each team to evaluate their solutions based on the judging criteria. Teams will have 5 minutes to make their pitch and dazzle the judges. After pitching, participants can answer questions about their solutions and receive valuable feedback from the judges. The best solutions will then move on to the Top 5 Pitches!


Becoming one of the Top 5 teams is a stunning accomplishment! After convincing the commitee judges that your submission is one of the best, you'll have the opportunity to present in front of our esteemed Finale Judges – ‘Dragon’s Den’ style!

Teams will have 5 minutes to pitch their solution, and 3 minutes to have a Q&A with the judges. By having the opportunity to pitch for the second time, teams can gain additional exposure for their talents and put their solutions on the map! After careful deliberation, the judges will then determine the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners!


$5,000 in cash prizes will be awarded

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