Hack Instead

Congratulations Hack Instead Winners!

What is Hack Instead?

Hack Instead is a 48-hour virtual hackathon hosted by Hackworks for students across Canada. In these challenging times, Hack Instead offers a fun, engaging, and competitive way to spend a weekend. Hack Instead will be completely online and accessible to all timezones Canada-wide. Put down the hair-cutting scissors, grab a few friends and Hack Instead!

Build to Impress - No Theme, No Challenges

As a Hack Instead participant, you'll be free to tackle whatever problem and create whatever solution you want. Develop an app that addresses food insecurity for vulnerable populations during the pandemic? Amazing. Make a website that tells you who your long-lost celebrity twin is? Wonderful. Participants can choose to show off however they’d like at Hack Instead. Both software and hardware solutions are welcome.

The Hack Instead TalentBook

At the conclusion of Hack Instead, the organizers at Hackworks will compile descriptions of the solutions and the awesome teams that made them into a TalentBook. The TalentBook will be shared with recruiters across Canada in the hopes of bridging the physical gap between job-seekers and talent-seekers.


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Time (EST) Agenda Item*
Day 1: Friday, August 7
7:00 pm  Team Formation Party 
8:00 pm  Hack Instead Kick-Off 
8:15 pm Hacking Begins
Day 2: Saturday, August 8
11:00 am  Day 2 Kickoff
11:30 am Speaker Session: How to Hack a Hackathon
12:00 pm Hacking Continues
2:30 pm  Speaker Session: The World of Product
3:00 pm  Activity Break: Trivia Party  
3:30 pm  Hacking Continues 
5:00 pm  Hackey Hour & Networking 
6:00 pm  Hacking Continues
Day 3: Sunday, August 9
11:00 am  Day 3 Kick-Off
11:30 am  Speaker Session: The Perfect Pitch
3:00 pm  Deadline to Enter Show & Tell
5:00 pm Final Submission Due
5:00 pm  Speaking Session: Sponsored
5:30 pm  Speaking Session: Sponsored
6:00 pm Show & Tell
7:30 pm  Closing Remarks

*Any time without a designated Agenda Item is considered "Hacking Time"


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