Oxford Global Hackathon - Sydney


All teams will have five minutes to pitch their solution and three minutes for Q&A with the judges. The judges will evaluate their pitch using a set judging criteria, and decide on first, second, and third place.  

Juding Criteria

  • Alignment - How well does the solution support one of the Areas of Focus? How well does the solution consider regulatory standards?
  • Desirability & User Experience - How impactful will the solution be to end-users? What proof points are available to demonstrate that the solution is meaningful for users? Consider the user experience of the solution.
  • Feasibility - Is the solution feasible in the context of the built environment? How well can the solution be implemented into current processes?
  • Ingenuity - The degree to which the submission is clever, inventive and/or skillful in concept and ideation.
  • Pitch - How well does the team articulate the challenge and solution they are proposing? Is the innovation clearly described, easy to understand, and presented in an engaging way? 


Teams will compete against all other teams in their city for 3 top prizes:

1st Place $3,000 USD

2nd Place $1,500 USD

3rd Place $500 USD

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