Oxford Global Hackathon - London

What are the prizes?

The first place team will receive $3,000 USD, second place $1,500 USD and third place $500 USD.

Who can participate?

This hackathon is open to all British residents who are the legal age of majority.

How do I register?

Click JOIN on the right-hand side of this page. Once you click JOIN, you will be prompted to sign in or create a Hackworks account. Continue to follow the prompts to register.

How can I form a team?

There are several ways you can find teammates or join an existing team:


The matchmaking tool on the Hackworks platform is a great way for individuals to join an existing team, and for teams to find additional members to optimize their collective skill sets. Once you are registered for the hackathon you can start searching for teams to join, or create a team page and start recruiting teammates to work on your idea.


Teams can be formed at the hackathon kick-off on Saturday morning right before hacking begins. If you’re having trouble finding a team or teammate, make sure to introduce yourself to a Hackworks team member on site. They will help you find your perfect match!

Each team needs to be registered on the Hackworks platform in order to submit their project and be considered for final judging and prizes.

What is the best team size?

Minimum team size is two (2) and maximum is six (6).

What do I need to bring?

Bring any devices that you’ll need for brainstorming and building your solution such as sticky notes, a notebook, markers and your laptop. We’ll provide wifi, electrical connection and delicious food and drinks to keep you powered throughout the event!

Is the venue open overnight?

No, the venue will close at 12:00am on Day 1 so you can get a good night's rest and return the next morning to continue working. See the event agenda for all the details.

Who owns the outputs and IP?

All outputs of the hackathon continue to belong to the participants after the hackathon.

I've never done a hackathon before, can I still participate?

Yes! Hackathons are a great opportunity to have fun, network and apply your skills in a new way.

Where is the Oxford Global Hackathon taking place?

The Oxford Global Hackathon is happening in 5 cities on the same weekend. To make sure you register for the right city, visit OxfordHackathon.com and select the city that is closest to you!

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