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About AquaHacking BC Challenge 2020

Each year, the AquaHacking Challenge engages with rising gen hackers, engineers and marketers from various universities to create multidisciplinary teams and develop clean-tech engineering, web and mobile solutions to water issues affecting different regions in Canada. This year for the first time, the Challenge is brought to British Columbia by the Okanagan Basin Water Board.

The Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB) is an inter-regional local government agency founded in 1970, under B.C. provincial legislation, to promote the shared water interests of Okanagan communities. Its vision is to have clean and healthy water in perpetuity, meeting the needs of natural ecosystems, residents and agriculture – now and in the future.

As the focus is demand-driven innovation, the water issues tackled are designed and submitted by organizations who also provide expert insight to teams to better understand the issues as well as provide access to relevant data. AquaHacking Challenge founding sponsor IBM Canada has also provided Watson APIs, Cloud access and more to competing teams for the duration of the Challenge. The expected results are functional, marketable, and demand-driven solutions that have a real and measureable impact to solve pressing water issues. Many of the winning teams have continued on to become successful water-tech startups with their products in-market.

AquaHacking Water Issues

For the AquaHacking Challenge, each team will need to choose one of the below Water Issues to solve. Each of the Water Issues is supported by a team of experts representing organizations working at the forefront of these issues. The below information videos allow you to hear from the Water Issue Leaders who share about why the water issue is at a critical point of needing a solution. Watch the videos to gain a better understanding of what will be required in order to create a meaningful solution for the Water Issue.

Once your team has chosen a Water Issue, you will be connected with the Water Issue Leaders who will support you throughout the development of your solution. Specific water issues will be launched during the Kickoff event on October 29th. But the below there is a list of the Water Themes for this year, the list will give you a general idea about the issues for this Challenge:

  • Stormwater Contamination
  • Water Waste
  • Flood Damage
  • Polluted Water in Indigenous Communities
  • Aquatic Invasive Species

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