• VANquish Collisions Hackathon
VANquish Collisions Hackathon
There will be two phases of judging to determine the top winners of the VANquish Collisions Hackathon. The first phase is an expo where teams will have 5 minutes to present their solution to a group of judges in a science-fair style set-up. Expo judges will use predetermined judging criteria and a judging rubric to determine the top 5 solutions.

The second phase of judging is live pitches. The top 5 teams will pitch to the entire hackathon audience and a panel of Final Judges. These judges will use the same judging criteria to determine the top 3 solutions and award prizes for first, second, and third place.


All solutions will be judged according to the below criteria:
• Innovation: How unique is the solution?
• Feasibility: How easily can the solution be implemented?
• User Experience: What is the overall experience of a person using the product?
• Strategic Thinking: Is the solution scalable? Will it continue to be relevant for the foreseeable future?
• Alignment with Challenge: Did the solution clearly identify the problem they are attempting to solve? Is the solution relevant to the identified challenge?


There is a total of $7,500 available in prize money for teams that participate:

1st Place Team: $5000
2nd Place Team: $2000
3rd Place Team: $500

The prize amount will be split equally between all members of that team.

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