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Solve for X is a Canada-wide ideation sprint centred around driving positive change for women impacted by COVID-19. It is an opportunity for everyone who wants to help contribute towards a better tomorrow.


Now more than ever, economic, health, and financial pressures are disproportionate between genders. According to the World Economic Forum, men and women are impacted differently during times of crisis. A health emergency like COVID-19 is no exception, as it amplifies existing gender inequalities while adding additional stressors that affect personal health and economic security. Based on UNFPA projections, women face a disproportionate impact on their education, health, wellbeing, and finances as a result of COVID-19. The research reveals that women face subsequent obstacles including lack of access to family planning, discrimination, and an increase in domestic abuse, just to name a few.


We are looking for engaged and motivated civic innovators to make a collective effort to present impactful, novel ideas that support women everywhere as they rise to the challenges COVID-19 has added to their lives. Over the course of three days, multidisciplinary participant groups will develop and share solutions. The ideas will be collected and shared with corporate and community partners to encourage championship and adoption of ideas that can drive impact.


This is the first step towards ensuring women are receiving the support they need to master this new normal.


Challenge Statement

How might we support women everywhere as they rise to the challenges
presented by COVID-19?


Areas with disproportionate differences in gender equality:

Professional Support

    • Higher likelihood of low-paying, insecure, and informal jobs leading to higher unemployment rates and financial insecurity
    • Lack of access to healthcare and paid leave
    • Reduced access to career development and training opportunities
    • Health and safety risks faced by essential and frontline workers on the job

Personal Support

    • Additional challenges faced with child and elderly care and planning responsibilities
    • Increased risk of domestic violence against women and their children
    • Academic and continuing education demands on themselves and their children
    • Insufficient access to health and wellness services including sexual and reproductive health services
    • Lack of support services including mental and physical health



    1. Ideation - Immerse yourself in fun brainstorming activities and bounce your ideas off fellow innovators and expert mentors.

    2. Tech Smart - Build your digital literacy and add to your productivity toolkit.

    3. Presentation Tools - Tips, Tricks and Tools to design a presentation that will make your pitch stand out!

    4. Pitch Anything - Create and deliver an effective and persuasive pitch.



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Time (EST) Agenda Item
Day 1: Friday, May 29, 2020
7:00 PM Event Kick-Off
7:55 PM Q&A Session and Updates
8:00 PM Team Formation Team Lounges
Day 2, Saturday, May 30, 2020
11:00 AM Kickstart
11:10 AM Ideation 101
12:00 PM Hackworks 1-1 Team Support
1:00 PM Hacking
3:00 PM Tech Smart
4:00 PM Hacking
5:00 PM Pitch Perfect
6:00 PM Happy Hour and Networking
Day 3, Sunday May 31, 2020
11:00 AM Team Check-Ins
11:30 AM Workshop: Pitch Clinic
12:00 PM Workshop: Pitch Clinic
12:30 PM Workshop: Pitch Clinic
1:30 PM Hacking
2:00 PM Submissions Due!
3:00 PM Expo Judging
6:00 PM Closing Remarks and Winners
6:30 PM Event Ends & Networking


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