Museum VX Hackathon


The event will mimic the form of pitching that takes place on the show Dragon’s Den. A set of judges will be responsible for judging the teams based on the set of criteria found below. They will be selecting the winning team based on the presentations.

Judging Criteria
Your solutions will be judged based on the following criteria:

Problem Solver
Effectively addresses one of the Hackathon challenges.

The solution will have an immediate and positive impact on the museum experience. The impact is argued using convincing arguments and/or relevant data.

The solution can be implemented by the museum in a timely and affordable fashion

The solution prototype works and functions as intended. The presentation demonstrates a high level of software or hardware competence.

Pitch Perfect
Was the presentation organized, clear, and engaging? Did the presenters identify the challenge they used, how they chose to answer it and why it’s the right way to tackle the problem?

The design of the solution was well thought out, user-friendly and provides an intuitive and attractive user experience.

The team has identified a unique way to solve the problem. The solution provides a new and transformative idea that changes the museum experience.

Pushing Tech
The team uses some of the new technologies (software and/or hardware) that are made available during the hackathon to solve the challenge statement they chose.

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