Mission Hack Toronto
Mission Hack is a national hackathon series. Designed for developers wanting to push the limits of what they can imagine and build, Mission Hack will offer an opportunity to demonstrate new ideas about the future. With a futuristic theme and out-of-this-world challenges, participants will have the opportunity to use their choice of technology to prototype solutions to one of four challenges.


In 1969, NASA landed men on the moon and returned them home safely again, guided by a computer system only a fraction as powerful as the phones in our pockets today. Now almost 50 years later, after decades of technological advancements that have stayed true to Moore’s Law, humans are once again ready to set foot on new planetary soil.

The International Organization for Galactic Exploration (IOGE) has just confirmed the discovery of a planet more Earth-like than Saturn’s moon Enceladus. In an unprecedented agreement between the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and governments of all G8 countries, funding has been secured to send a group of 80,000 settlers to establish a New Earth colony.

The Settlement Project is an opportunity to demonstrate the reaches of human design and the capacity of technological advancement.

In order to mitigate risks for the Mission, an application process has been set up to determine the most suitable initiatives for the initial stages of The Settlement Project. Freed from the constraints of legacy systems and existing infrastructure on Earth, applicants will leverage their vast knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and their understanding of human interaction to propose projects to shape the New Earth.

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