Submissions need to be submitted via your team (2-6 participants) page by 6pm EST on Wednesday July 10th, 2019. In this submission you’ll need to include a 2-minute video, share your code repo (you own the IP, we just use it to verify your work was created during the hackathon), and a One pager. The template for the one pager will be emailed to participants during the hackathon kick-off at 5pm EST on July 8th, 2019.


During the submission process each team will indicate which of the four themes their team/submission addresses. A judging group will be assigned to each theme and review the submission and award a score based on the Judging Criteria.


Theme Judging

A group of judges will be assigned to each theme. Each Judging group will have 10 minutes to review each submission. They will score each team’s submission based on the judging criteria. The top score in each theme will be deemed the Selected Team.


Grand Champion Judging

The Selected Champion's submissions will be reviewed by all the judges. The top score will be deemed the selected Champion team.


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