Go Studio Innovation Jam

How are we divvying out our sweet cash prizes?

Our expert judges have deep industry knowledge and experience. They know they’re stuff, and they’ll get to know yours well as they review each submission.

We’ll make sure the cream rises to the top with two judging phases, both of which will utilize the same outlined judging criteria. As we get closer to go time, we’ll share more details on the judging process to make sure you’re set up for success. For now, here’s the breakdown of our criteria.



All solutions will be judged according to the below criteria:

Weighting Criteria Description
30% Use of Emerging Technology How well does the solution utilize emerging technology(ies)?
25% Forward-Thinking Innovation How unique is the concept of the solution? Is it a forward-thinking solution?
The degree to which the submission is clever, inventive, and/or skillful in concept and design.
15% Alignment with Challenge(s) How well does the solution line up with one of the innovation jam challenges?
Did the presenters clearly identify the problem they are attempting to solve? Is the solution relevant to the identified challenge?
15% Impact Does the solution solve a real problem? Will it have an impact on peoples' lives?
Is the solution equitable, considering a broad and diverse user base?
15% Presentation
How well did the presenters provide a convincing argument for their solution?
 Was the presentation organized and engaging?


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