Pitch Process

All Gift the Code teams will have five minutes to present their solutions to a group of judges in a science-fair style set-up on Sunday afternoon. The expo judges will use predetermined judging criteria to determine the top solution in each charity league. The top team from each charity league will then get the chance to present their brilliant solution and shine bright in front of the entire hackathon audience.

Judging Criteria

Judges’ scores will be based on five components. Here’s a breakdown:

IMPACT: How will the solution help the charity impact lives? 40%
INNOVATION: How unique is the solution's concept? 20%
TECHNICAL IMPLEMENTATION: How effective is the technical approach and implementation? 15%
USER EXPERIENCE: How is the overall experience for a person using the solution? 15%
PRESENTATION: Did the presenters provide a convincing argument for the solution? 10%


Collaboration over Competition

Judging for this event is all in good fun – prizes aren't awarded. For Gift the Code, we believe the charities are the winners! Capital One appreciates you giving up your weekend and lending your expertise to #UseDigitalForGood and promises an incredible experience all weekend long!
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