Gift the Code


The Gift the Code Hackathon will bring together an incredible range of participants with the goal of developing and prototyping innovative digital solutions to challenges put forth by the participating charities, Prosper Canada, Second Harvest, Blake Boultbee, Women’s Habitat, Holland Bloorview, and Toronto Pflag.

Your team at Gift the Code will be assigned one of the charities and briefed on their challenges. You will then be able to choose from among your assigned charity’s challenges.

During the judging, which will take place in a science fair-like expo format, you will present your idea, its design, how it works, what problem it solves and who the intended user is. All teams will present their submissions to fellow participants, invited guests and judges.

Each team will need to present a working prototype of their solution. The submission must never have been previously published, exhibited publicly, or submitted in any hackathon, exhibition, or similar competition, contest, or event. You will own your submission and any copyright, patent, or intellectual property rights in your submission. However, in consideration of the many participants in the Hackathon, each participant agrees to make their submission open source.

The Gift the Code Hackathon is not a competitive event; instead, each team’s solutions will be awarded Challenge Badges for accomplishing different criteria. The badges will not be assigned based on a sliding scale or grade. Teams will either get the badge or not, depending on whether they have accomplished the necessary requirements. The Challenge Badges are designed to encourage teams to carefully consider the problem they are working on, and create innovative, functional and implementable solutions that will ultimately help the charities.

Each Challenge Badge will be awarded based on the following criteria:

1. Problem Solver Badge
Effectively addresses one of the challenges of the assigned charity

2. Innovation Badge
The solution finds a unique way to solve the problem

3. Performance Badge
The solution works and functions as intended

4. User-Friendly Badge
The solution can be implemented by the charity with minimal effort

5. Pitch Perfect Badge
The pitch of the solution conveyed the problem, solution, and feasibility

6. Design Badge
The solutions design was well thought out

7. Impact Badge
The solution will have an immediate and positive impact on the charity

8. Pushing Tech Badge
The solution uses new technology (software and/or hardware) to solve the problem

The Expo Badges will be awarded at the end of the event. It will be at the sole discretion of the Expo Judges to determine if a team has earned the badge.

General Judging Eligibility:

Every team (4-6 participants per team) needs to be registered on the Hackworks website in order to submit their solution before the end of coding at 12:00pm on Sunday and present during the expo. Individuals can remove themselves from a team at any time. The option is available on the Team Page when signed in. If, for some reason, you need to remove a team member, and they cannot or will not remove themselves, you can contact us and we will evaluate the situation.


You will be rewarded with that warm, fuzzy feeling, knowing you have done something selfless and good. The winners of this hackathon are the charities, and you – our glorious participants! – will be the ones awarding the prizes: functioning solutions to their challenges.

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