Design for Change 2021

Who can participate in Design for Change?

All Canadian university and college students.

I’ve never participated in a Design Challenge before, can I still participate?

100%! Design for Change Challenge is a great opportunity to have fun, network, and apply your skills in a new way.

What if I’m new to UX and UI design?

That’s okay! No prior experience is required!

Design Challenges are a great place to learn new skills and tools that you haven’t had a chance to before. We’ll have some awesome mentors and industry experts to help you along the way!

Do I need to form a team? What is the expected team size?

Forming a team is not mandatory for Design for Change - you are welcome to take on the challenge solo if you prefer.

Teams can range from 1-3 members. Regardless of your team size, please be sure to finalize your team on this platform by selecting “Create A Team” after registering and entering the required details.

Where is this Challenge taking place?

Wherever you like! This Challenge is fully virtual.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing!

What can I build?

The challenge statement will be revealed on the website on January 25th, you are welcome to design and plan any solutions related to that challenge statement. Mentors will be available during the challenge period to help out along the way!

I’m interested in learning more about User Experience Design, where can I find more information?


Where can I ask my questions and find information about Design for Change?

All Design for Change participants will be invited to the Design for Change Discord Workspace. There, you can direct your questions to the organizing team. We will also use Discord to share updates, announcements and information, connect you with mentors, so check back often! You can also email us at

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