SummerHack 2020: IoT Disruption in Insurance

24-Hour SummerHack 2020

Join Cookhouse Labs’ SummerHack 2020! A global virtual 24-hour Hackathon designed to bring a diverse group of Hackers, designers, business specialists, and insurance organizations together to leverage the technology of the Internet of Things (IoT) to tackle some of the major challenges of the insurance industry.

For centuries, insurers looked at the past to predict the future, leaving them in the unknown for unnoticed changes in the behaviour of their insured risks. Today, the industry is transitioning from being a passive risk taker to becoming an active risk manager. IoT technologies allow insurers to determine risks more accurately – in real-time.

Although the insurance industry is aware that IoT is a game changer, very few organizations really make use of the IoT data available to them. The technology itself is not always the biggest challenge in the game, but rather the question, what compelling and successful IoT offerings can insurers develop?

Join our 24-hour SummerHack 2020 to ideate and create new IoT-based solutions for the insurance industry and team up with insurance industry experts to ensure your ideas bring real business value.

Hackathon Schedule 

Time (EDT) Agenda Item
Day 1: Thursday, July 30, 2020
8:00 am  Event Kick-Off 
9:00 am  Official Hack Start!*
Day 2: Friday, July 31, 2020
9:00 am  Submission Deadline
9:30 am Live Pitch Event 
11:30 am  Winner Announcement and Closing Remarks
11:40 am  Event Ends

*Our innovation team will be available to answer any questions, support the teams, and provide tips and ideas on how to follow Design Thinking to make most of their time and develop impactful solutions

Final Solution

The final solution of the Hackathon will be a Minimum Viable Product (“MVP”) to the teams’ allocated problem area. This MVP will be assessed by our judges and can be shared in any presentable form including, but not limited to, a concept, design, blueprint, prototype, product, application, software, hardware, and so on.

You will have access to our virtual pre-recorded Masterclasses that give you tips and guidance along the way.


Teams must consist of 2+ members. Individuals may register and find teammates using the Hackworks platform. Cookhouse Labs may merge small teams together or add individuals without teams. All Hackathon participants must be 18 years old or older. 

Individuals can join as a Hacker (active participant in the competition) or a Mentor (insurance subject matter expert). As a mentor, you will be required to spare some time during the Hackathon to have touchpoint meetings with your assigned team.

This Hackathon is the perfect event to connect with experienced innovators, both local and international. As you show your skills and impress our judges with your team’s extraordinary results, don’t forget to network and have fun!

It's time to #MakeInsuranceBetter!


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