June Update

Posted by Gabriel Couture on June 23, 2016


Dream a little:

The launch is about to begin; the hackathon challenge is right up your alley; the lights drop and your favourite song is pumping up the crowd... chills run from your toes to your finger tips and your team looks at each other with excited anticipation. 3... 2... 1... GO!

Your perfect hackathon begins.

We want to organize the world's most exciting hackathons. Please, fill out this quick survey and help us organize great hackathons:



Join the Team! Hackworks is Hiring! Do you believe in the power of hackathons to drive innovation? Do you think they're a good tool for community engagement? Do you agree they are a fun and dynamic way for companies to problem-solve and remain competitive? You might be the right candidate.

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer to maintain and expand the Hackworks.com website, as well as the platform that we use to run our hackathons. Are you the one!?


ridi6ulous-Hackathon Just Ridi6ulous

This summer, use your brain for what's important in life; participate in the Ridi6ulous Summer Hackathon (http://ridi6ulo.us/hackathon.html) and pollinate Toronto with buzz-worthy hacks and contraptions!



Save the date!

Capital One is organizing an exciting community hackathon taking place October 21st to 23rd! The theme, website and ability to register are going to be officially announced on August 9th.

Connected lab Watson tshirt

"The Internet of things is going to change everything."

On June 3rd to 5th, Hackworks partnered with Connected Lab and IBM Watson to bring you the Watson IoT Hackathon. Watch the hackathon video! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-3GKggXZ84)


Are you looking for hackathons to participate in? Do you have a hackathon you want to promote?

Visit Hackathonsnear.me for a list of hackathons taking place around the world and the ability to promote your own.