AquaHacking Challenge 2019


All teams will present their solutions at the Semi-Final event on June 15, 2019 in Toronto. Teams will be setup in a science-fair style Expo and will pitch their solution in short presentation to a series of judges.

The judges will use predetermined criteria to evaluate the solutions and determine the top 5 solutions. The top 5 solutions will move on to the second phase of the AquaHacking Challenge. The second phase of the program includes attending an immersive weekend-long expedition on Lake Ontario. Each of the top 5 teams will present their solutions to a panel of Final Judges at the AquaHacking Challenge Final Event in October 2019.


In addition to a spot in a startup incubator, the top 5 teams will also receive monetary prizes:
1st prize: $20,000 CAD
2nd prize: $15,000 CAD
3rd prize: $10,000 CAD
4th prize: $2,500 CAD
5th prize: $2,500CAD

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