Stantec Idea Hackathon

Say “smart cities” and most people think technology—sensors, networks, big data, the internet of things. At Stantec, we think people. We see how smart mobility, utilities, buildings, and public spaces can improve city life, and we believe the smartest cities are designed with community in mind.

The Stantec Idea Hackathon is a two-day forum where smart city industry professionals and students can share ideas, build relationships, and deliver potential solutions that are relevant and meaningful for the citizens of Tampa. We’re inviting a diverse range of experts who can balance vision and imagination with practicality and rigor to contribute to challenging discussions on the intersection between technology and humanity in city building.

Alongside stunning views of the Tampa downtown waterfront district, up to 100 participants will work in diverse teams of three to five individuals to address the following challenge statement:

How do we leverage technology to define and design a new mobility future that ensures Tampa is a livable, equitable and resilient city?

Communities across the globe are exploring the relationship between technology, data and humanity as it relates to our urban future. We see mobility as a system focused on connecting people and communities. Our goal is to consider a new era of mobility ensuring safety, resilience, and equity. Specific areas of opportunity could include but not limited to: multi-modal options (micro-mobility, micro-transit, etc), parking, curbside management and privacy.

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