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Use this page to connect with teammates, learn about the water issues, and stay up to date with program events and workshops. 

What is AquaHacking? How does it work?

AquaHacking is a tech competition where young innovators team up to tackle urgent water issues through innovation and entrepreneurship. After five consecutive years focused on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Basin, AquaHacking is now expanding its model to Atlantic Canada. In 2020, Atlantic Water Network at Saint Mary’s University is proud to host the first edition of AquaHacking on Canada’s east coast. 

Over the course of seven months, post-secondary students and young professionals will work to develop implementable solutions for five critical water issues affecting freshwater and marine water health in Atlantic Canada. Participants receive round-the-clock mentorship and support from experts in water science, technology and business, and are offered skill-building and leadership workshops. Later in the program, teams get to participate in a judged semi-final pitching session – and for those who continue as Finalists – an immersive on-the-water expedition and culminating in an exciting Dragon’s Den-style finale.

The five Finalist teams compete for $50,000 in cash prizes and are each guaranteed a spot in a local start-up incubator. 

What are the water issues?

The water issue themes for the AquaHacking Atlantic Challenge are:

Algal Blooms and Eutrophication

Private Well Safety


Sediment and Pesticide Runoff

Treatment of Drinking Water in Rural and First Nation Communities

Learn More

Attend a webinar or in-person information session to learn more about the Challenge. Stay tuned for an updated schedule or get in touch to request an in-person meeting or webinar. Contact us at

Check out this webinar to learn more about the Challenge and how you can get involved:

Rules and Regulation

To view this challenge's Rules and Regulations, please visit the bottom of the "Judging" page.


These virtual workshops will help you design, build, and pitch your solution:
Design Thinking, Machine Learning, and Pitch Perfect.

We recommend starting with the Design Thinking workshop as it will give your team foundational tools for the initial concepts of your solution. The Machine Learning workshop will help your team understand what technical functionality is possible with machine learning algorithms. Finally, the Pitch Perfect workshop will provide tips to help you pitch your solution to the judges at the Semi-Final! You can find them all under the "Workshops" tab. 

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